Hi! Thanks for stopping by. My name is Lacey Marie. The last decade (2010-2020) has been a wild life full of amazing memories and incredibly hard lessons. In 2010 my husband (at the time) and I had been married for 9 years, 3 kids and had moved multiple times for school and careers. We were strong, devote members of the Mormon church. Despite our lives revolving around work, church and kids, our marriage was a complete disaster. The only way I knew at the time to handle it was to try to better myself. My self improvement journey consisted of working out several times a day, attending all church functions, including temple attendance as often as possible, home cooked meals, canning, spotless house, picture perfect kids, and lots of smiling #blessed pictures and posts on social media. From the outside looking in we had it all. However, that is not at all how it was. We were both miserable. In hopes of building confidence in myself, and trying to create a "spark" in our marriage I opted for a breast augmentation. Shortly after my surgery, we were surprised with baby #4. This pregnancy was different, I was actually sick with this one. It wasn't until years later I connected the dots that the cause was my breast implants. After delivering my baby boy, we both struggled. He had a hard time growing as an infant and my health just never bounced back. I blamed it on stress. My marriage was at an all time low. As time passed, my health rapidly declined, resulting in hundreds of doctors visits, a full hysterectomy and multiple other surgeries to remove all optional organs in the hope my health would improve. It did the opposite, and got worse. We finally called it quits on our marriage and it was time to start over. Still active in Mormonism, I was encouraged to marry quickly, and I did. It was not a good situation, so that marriage ended just as quickly as it started. Then a few custody battles, attorney fees, and a pile of medical bills took me out finically. I was bankrupt, still suffering from breast implant illness and wondering how I was ever going to make it. I pushed on, and once again jumped too quickly into a relationship, and let outside opinions effect me. On to marriage #3. It was during this time, my implants flared up again causing extreme pain. After many doctors appointments and begging for them to be removed I decided to have a full mastectomy, after discovering I am a carrier for two genetic markers for breast cancer. Going into the procedure I was a 32 DDD and when I came out I was completely boobless. The healing journey has been nothing short of eventful. My 3rd marriage came to an abrupt end when the pandemic of 2020 kicked off. My daughter and I were homeless for a decent chunk of time. Once I had an apartment, my boys were able to live with me again. However, due to all the hardships COVID created the lack of work, school and finances I lost custody primary physical custody of my boys. I was broken. Through these experiences my level of companion, understanding, hard work and pure grit has been what has kept me alive. Now, I am in a great place, able to help others by being a breast advocate for boobless women, those who suffer from breast implant illness, and helping individuals like you and I to simply and effectively protect their finances in the event as something as devastating as cancer happening. 1-4 families receive a cancer diagnosis every year. While that number is way to high, and I want nothing more than a cure to be available. What I can do in the mean time, is educate others on how to first, make sure they have a plan in place to have unreal amounts of money available to them if/when they are directly impacted. Second, shout from every platform I possibly can to raise awareness that going boobless is absolutely an acceptable option and educate anyone who will listen about the dangers of breast implants. Please help me with my mission. First, get with me and let's make sure you are financially protected, then connect me with anyone that is looking for support. Share my stories and social channels. The more who know about the dangers and the options, the better.

Thank you đź’‹

Lacey Marie